Use this SEO ROI Calculator to determine how much return on investment you’ll be obtaining from your SEO campaigns.

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How much are you investing in SEO? (per month)

How many searches do you get for business-relevant keywords? (per month)

What percentage of the people that search for your keywords click on your website?


Out of the visitors to your website,what percentage convert into customers?


What is your average
order value?


What is your payback period duration (calculated in terms of number of months)?


How much is 1 customer worth in 1 month?


On average, what is your customer lifetime value?


Based on these numbers, here is what you could expect for return on investment*

  • Visitors 390
  • Conversions 78
  • AOV $200
  • Net Revenue (Monthly) $15,600
  • Total Lifetime Value $15,600
  • Monthly ROI $15,600