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What exactly is content marketing?

What exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is the usage of powerful marketing collateral such as blogging, infographics, lead magnets, free reports, white papers and checklists to acquire quality leads.

This powerful strategy has grown the most successful brands in the world. It works well for service-based businesses that need to attract leads or want to supplement their lead generation strategies.

By producing high-quality, well-written, and informative content on your website, you increase your authority in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or social media platforms. You also position yourself as the expert in your field in the eyes of potential customers.

The goal of content marketing is to generate awareness and interest in your brand, its products, and services. So when a prospective customer actually reaches out to you, they’ll be more qualified to avail of whatever you have to offer.

How Do I Do Content Marketing For My Business?


The secret to a successful content marketing strategy is first and foremost, understanding the persona of your ideal customer.

Dig deep into their biggest wants, dreams, and fears. Doing this helps you craft quality content that appeals to them.

Your job is to make sure every single person who consumes your content feels seen and heard — like you have the answers to every problem they have at that moment.

Right now, you’re probably wondering “Where’s the part where I actually gain leads and make money?”

In order for your customers to willingly give their money to you, you have to offer them value.

You can craft compelling Free Reports filled with valuable information to serve as irresistible lead magnets on your website.

After capturing your prospects’ contact information such as their name and email, you can continue to funnel them through an email funnel to nurture these leads into paying clients.

Why We Are Your Content Marketing Experts

Why We Are Your Content Marketing Experts

As a content marketing agency, we walk the talk by using content marketing to market to our potential clients.

You heard it right. We don’t give away strategies to our clients unless we have tried them before and know for sure that they work.

Don’t believe us?

Simply browse through this website, and see how we use content marketing to attract potential customers.

Besides, we’ve worked with big and small brands from different niches.

Nanyang Technological University, small businesses, you name it. We have successfully run content marketing campaigns that generated huge ROIs for our clients.

How Much Does content marketing Cost

How Much Does content marketing Cost?

It all depends on the scope of your project.

What is your objective of your content marketing campaign?

Is it to create brand awareness circled around a single product?

Or is it to create brand awareness around a brand?

The cost could range anywhere between $5,000 for one project, all the way to $5,000 per month on a retainer basis, depending on your requirements.


Unlike some companies who take any customer who walks through the door, we’ll let you know right then and there if we can’t help you. We only work with selected businesses whom we are confident we can help.

As mentioned, content marketing is an intricate process where we must have some basic understanding of what you’re offering to the market.

It’s a long-term strategy that takes time and patience before results are seen. It isn’t for you if you’re looking to make a quick buck for a one-time thing.

We make sure that you have direct access to a content marketing expert. Throughout your content marketing campaign, our content marketing strategist will keep you updated with the progress and your campaign performance. This ensures 100% transparency and you know how and where your budget is spent.


We do not take any customer that walks through our door.

You have to go through a proper qualification process before we decide to take you on as a client.

We want to help businesses that we are confident of helping, based on your requirements for your project.

It largely depends on what your requirements are. The cost could range from anywhere between $5,000 at one go all the way to $5,000 a month on a retainer basis.

The question you need to ask yourself is, how is your business performing?

What’s the revenue like on a monthly basis?

Do you need to bump up your revenue to get more customers through the door?

If so, content marketing could be an effective way to push your brand to the masses.

Yes. For all our clients that engage with us, we do sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to ensure that your Content Marketing campaign stays confidential and is not disclosed to the public.
Unlike traditional marketing that involves disseminating offline media to reach your target market, content marketing can produce 3x as many leads for every dollar you spend. It costs less as well.