Warning: Engage a lead generation agency or company in Singapore only after you have completed reading the 5-steps listed below. 

This information could save you thousands of dollars!

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Step 1: Don’t Find Your Leads, Let Them Come To You



The key to generating highly qualified leads lies in crafting a content marketing strategy that your leads would actually be interested in.

And to do that, you have to figure out where your prospects spend a majority of their time online. Are they on Facebook? YouTube? Google? Instagram? Twitter?

You need to start identifying where the lowest hanging fruit is, before we can come up with a strategy to attract these leads.

Know Who You’re Up Against By Stalking Your Competitors' Advertisements



Chances are, if your competitor has been using the same lead generation strategy for years, it’s probably working.

Instead of having to start from zero, start by finding out how your competitors are currently generating leads.

  1. Use Facebook Ads Library to find out what kind of advertisements your competitors are running. 
  2. Run a quick Google search to see the advertisements that your competitors are currently running.
  3. Use Google Keywords Planner to find out how many people are searching for your product or service online.
  4. These strategies would give you a good idea of what’s working and what’s not.




Rather than raving about the latest digital marketing technology such as Chat Bot Automations or SEO or Google Ads, you need to find out what it is that your potential customers are really interested in.

Here’s the truth: Your customers don’t care about the features of your product/service. 

They only care about one thing: Finding a solution that solves 99.99% of their problems.

So start by focusing on solving your customers’ problems.

In today’s world, skepticism is at an all-time high.

Especially on the internet.

You want to offer your customers something of value before asking for anything in return.

Instead of claiming that your company has been in business for 30 years, offering the lowest prices and you’re the best at what you do…

Offer value to the customers first.


Give them a free report, checklist, or template to immediately solve their problem.

If they see value in your free items, they will likely come back to you for your paid services.


It’s because your competitors dare not give as much FREE value as compared to you.

That’s why people would choose to do business with you.

Create an irresistible offer your customers can't refuse


Create an irresistible offer your customers can't refuse

Now that we’ve given your customers so much value…

It’s time for us to make an irresistible offer.

An offer they can’t refuse.

Here’s how:

  1. Market your product/service at a higher value. For instance, if you’re selling your products for $250, you can place that it’s “(Worth $500)” on the price tag.
  2. State why it’s worth this much instead of its original price. Is it because it’s the festive season. Or is that an introductory offer?Remember, customers are sceptical. We want to give them as much reasoning as possible.
  3. Is there a specific financing plan in place, such as the payments could be split every month?
  4. Are there payment options available such as credit card or other cashless options?
  5. Are there any bonuses like free gifts?
  6. Are there any guarantees if the customers are not satisfied with their purchase?

  7. Give the customer an irrefusable reason to spend money on your product/service NOW. Make the offer scarce. Say that the price will go back to its original price on a certain date if they do not purchase it now.
Step 5: Launch Your Dream Lead Generation Campaign


Launch your dream lead generation campaign

Now that you’re done with the 4 steps of identifying what your customers really want, it’s time to launch your dream lead generation campaign.

If you’ve decided to use Google Ads, be sure to create insanely attractive headlines that would be able to suck in the attention of these potential leads.

Instead of using lacklustre headlines like “Best Company In Singapore | Established 2006”, go for something like: 

  • 5 Ways To Save Cost On Your Accounting 
  • 6 Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know About [Insert Product/Service Niche]
  • Why People In The Industry Hate This Guy (And Why Customers Love Them)
  • Everything You Need To Know About [Insert Product/Service Niche] Is In This 5-Step Report

Using clickbait-y headlines would have a dramatic impact on your advertisements, and would make them stand out from the rest of your competition. 

Top 3 Reasons to work with us, a leading LEAD GENERATION AGENCY in Singapore

Have you ever had that experience where you had a lead generation company or a “self-proclaimed lead generation expert” approach you claiming that they can rank you on Google, but have no past results to show for it? 

At Best Marketing Pte Ltd, we walk the talk by deploying our own lead generation strategies in our own business. We generate our own leads in our own business by using the exact strategies that we have shared with you.

Our competent lead generation specialist is highly qualified to identify your business.

No more middlemen. No more technically incompetent account managers. 

Our lead generation specialist can share with you the strategies and approaches that they have devised in order to generate highly qualified leads. We believe in 100% transparency so that as our client, you know how and where your budget is being spent.

We don’t hire people outside our organisation to work on your lead generation campaigns. Instead, you’ll be working only with full-time, homegrown specialists that know the ins and outs of what we do. We do not outsource our work to other companies, as we believe that might compromise work quality.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Lead Generation Services

It is the ability to generate highly qualified customers and attract prospects who are keen to find out more about the products or services you offer. The end goal of lead generation is to convert cold leads into paying customers.

It is the process of using Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, or Search Engine Optimization in order to drive these targeted leads to enquire more about your product or service. As these customers often want to speak to a person before purchase, lead generation in digital marketing is a strategy used by many companies to scale their business.

You need to first find out where your customers are hanging out. Depending on your industry, some of your customers might hang out on Facebook more than Instagram. While in certain industries, customers are mostly hanging out in Google, typing in keywords with high buying intent. From there, we can choose which is a more suitable channel to reach out to customers.

Yes. In fact, that’s what we specialise in. We help B2B businesses acquire more customers as B2B businesses often type in Google to look for suppliers/vendors.

We will dig deep into where your customers are hanging out first. From there, we will tweak your marketing message and your offer, in order to capture more leads. In any given market place, only 3% of customers are looking to buy now. We have to tap on the rest of the 97% which is an untapped market which might not be aware they have a problem only your product/service can solve.

We highly recommend you to book a strategy session with one of our marketing strategists. From there, we can find out whether your industry is a good fit for digital marketing or not.

No, we do not. Cold calling and cold email are tedious and ineffective outbound marketing strategies. Instead, we come up with strategies that get customers to enquire, rather than harass them with cold calls or cold emails.

Furthermore, the cost of digital marketing such as Facebook Advertising is probably a lot more affordable than traditional channels.

Hot, piping leads. We qualify your leads by getting them to answer a questionnaire so that they can qualify whether they are a good fit for your product or service. From there, we can get them to book a call with you to speak with one of your consultants to determine whether they are a good fit.