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What Exactly Is On Page SEO

What exactly is on page seo?

On-Page SEO refers to any form of optimizations done directly to your website.

Some of these work includes the following:

  • Creating amazing and informational content for users
  • Ensuring your website has a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate installed
  • Whether your site redirects to the preferred version
  • Whether Google Analytics and Google Search Console are installed
  • Whether your page loads at lightning-fast speed
  • Whether you have robots.txt installed on your website
  • Whether the XML Sitemap has been installed and uploaded to Google Search Console
  • Whether you have an HTML sitemap in the footer of your website
  • Whether you have internal links pointing to the important pages
  • Whether you have an about page and a contact page on your website
  • Whether you have a favicon installed on your website
  • Whether you have a Terms of Service page and Privacy Policy page installed on your website
  • Whether you have de-indexed your thank you pages
  • Whether you have a proper content strategy
More On Page SEO Factors We Help You Take Care Of At Best Marketing Singapore


  • Whether your site has any 404 error pages
  • Whether your site’s 404 error pages have been 301 redirected
  • Whether your site has multiple keywords competing for the same page, resulting in keyword cannibalization
  • Whether your Google Analytics’ goals have been set up properly
  • Whether there is a proper schema markup for your website
  • Whether Open Graph Data is set up for your pages
  • Whether your Google My Business has a consistent Name, Address and Phone Number across the internet
  • Whether you have replied to your Google My Business Reviews
  • Whether you have citations across all business directory listings
  • Whether your web design is mobile-friendly 
  • Whether you have breadcrumbs on your website
  • Whether you have proper call-to-actions across your pages receiving a lot of traffic
What should I do to improve my On-Page SEO?


Start by performing an SEO audit for your website first. 

This would give you a better idea of the current technical issues that your website is suffering from.

From there, you can start fixing these SEO issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about On Page SEO

No you do not. Whether you’re using Wix for SEO, WordPress for SEO or Squarespace for SEO, your website will still be able to rank well. 

It is a myth that you have to use the right Content Management System to rank well.

It’s definitely valuable and informational content on Google that helps users with their searches on Google.

By creating quality content (also known as On Page SEO), your website will be able to rank well on Google.

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